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Echuca  Racing , VIC

Location 206kms north of Melbourne
Features The track is 18m wide up to the 400m, then widens to 33m in the straight
Circumference 1811 metres
Length of Straight 353 metres
Direction Anit-Clockwise

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Scheduled Racing Meetings for Echuca

05/09/19 Echuca - Galloping
Timetable preview for Echuca on the 05/09/2019
State Code Time Race
VIC Horse Racing 13:30 Race 1
VIC Horse Racing 14:00 Race 2
VIC Horse Racing 14:30 Race 3
VIC Horse Racing 15:00 Race 4
VIC Horse Racing 15:30 Race 5
VIC Horse Racing 16:00 Race 6
VIC Horse Racing 16:30 Race 7
VIC Horse Racing 17:00 Race 8

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