Horse Racing
Saturday, 18 Feb 2017
Track: GOOD


Race 1    Winning Post Supplies    525m    18:02
Race 2    R.W & A.R Inglis Electricians    315m    18:22
Race 3    General Destini @ Stud    315m    19:02
Race 4    Rutter's Butchery & Poultry    395m    19:17
Race 5    Grv Vic Bred Series Final 1-4 Wins    525m    19:37
Race 6    Floodfawn Classic Ht1    525m    19:57
Race 7    Haley Concreting    525m    20:16
Race 8    Farewell & Thank You Steve Morgan    595m    20:31
Race 9    Floodfawn Classic Ht2    525m    20:53
Race 10    Maffra Veterinary Centre    395m    21:12
Race 11    Simic's Betta Home Living    395m    21:32
Race 12    Racing At Traralgon 20th Feb    315m    21:52

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