Horse Racing
Saturday, 15 Feb 2020
Track: GOOD


Race 1    Grass Valley Poll Merino Stud 3yo    2190m    21:26
Race 2    Sabina Bunbury Dempster F&m Pace M    2190m    21:53
Race 3    Muriel West Dempster Pace Ms    2190m    22:22
Race 4    Wells Family Pace Ms    1780m    22:47
Race 5    The P.G. Norrish Memorial Pace Ms    2190m    23:13
Race 6    The Peter Dempster Memorial Pace M    2620m    23:40
Race 7    Herlihy Family Pace Ms    1780m    00:10
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Race 8    Meyers Family Westbred Pace Ms    2190m    00:40
Results not arrived yet. Click here for Race Details

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