Horse Racing
Wednesday, 04 Dec 2019
Track: GOOD


Race 1    Free Entry Tabtouch Park    380m    21:43
Race 2    Try The Box 1 Chef's Special    380m    22:02
Race 3    Sully's Painting    520m    22:24
Race 4    Accell Therapy    380m    22:47
Race 5    Giddy Up Quaddie Time    520m    23:07
Race 6    Fuller Fitness    520m    23:29
Race 7    Greyhound Gold Every Wednesday    380m    23:45
Race 8    Sign Strategy Call Phil    380m    00:01
Race 9    Property Plus Real Estate    520m    00:17
Race 10    Book Your Christmas Function    380m    00:36
Race 11    Secure Racing Logistics    380m    00:51
Race 12    Fire Works On Nye    275m    01:14

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