Horse Racing
Wednesday, 04 Dec 2019
Track: GOOD 3


Race 1    4 Way Fresh Produce Sabois Maiden    1200m    13:55
Race 2    Ultratune Kingsford Hotel Class 2    1200m    14:30
Race 3    Cornerstone Stud Sabois F&m Bm 64    1200m    15:05
Race 4    Dare & Johnson Bm 60 Handicap    1719m    15:40
Race 5    Bung Fritz Appreciation Bm 60    1100m    16:15
Race 6    Hi-Beam Gawler Bung Fritz Cup    2121m    16:50
Race 7    Coopers Bm 64 Handicap    1516m    17:25

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