Horse Racing
Sunday, 10 Nov 2019
Track: GOOD


Race 1    Ladbrokes Maiden    330m    17:58
Race 2    Tsr Access Services Maiden    400m    18:18
Race 3    Richmond Race Club Masters Stakes    400m    18:39
Race 4    Ladbrokes Info Hub 0-2 Win Stakes    618m    18:57
Race 5    Bernipave Stakes    535m    19:19
Race 6    Castlewood Kitchens Stakes    400m    19:40
Race 7    Kevin Waters Towing Stakes    535m    19:58
Race 8    Ladbrokes Cash In Stakes    400m    20:18
Race 9    Steeline Riverstone Stakes    400m    20:39
Race 10    South Windsor Butchery Stakes    330m    21:05
Race 11    Bess Electrical Pathways Stakes    330m    21:26

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