Horse Racing
Sunday, 10 Nov 2019
Track: GOOD


Race 1    Speedmaps Formpro Ratings Sprint    318m    11:29
Race 2    Sports Bowl Function Centre Stakes    527m    11:46
Race 3    Mayhounds Racing Sprint C1    318m    12:04
Race 4    Pump & Engineering Services Stakes    527m    12:21
Race 5    Hewlett Electrical Sprint C1    318m    12:39
Race 6    Greyhounds North Maiden Distance    603m    12:56
Race 7    Guaranteed Pick6 Sprint C2/3    318m    13:14
Race 8    Last One Standing 24 Nov Stakes C1    527m    13:31
Race 9    Trophies Plus Sprint C2    318m    13:49
Race 10    Mt Wellington Tab Stakes C3    527m    14:07
Race 11    Qualified Pet Services Sprint C5    318m    14:24
Race 12    Jack's Wholesale Meats Sprint C4    318m    14:41

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