Horse Racing
Sunday, 10 Nov 2019
Track: GOOD


Race 1    Tabcorp Maiden Stake    395m    18:31
Race 2    You. Me. 6 Weeks. Maiden Stake    395m    18:46
Race 3    M.B. Village Butchers Stake    395m    19:01
Race 4    Follow Thedogssa On Twitter Stake    395m    19:16
Race 5    Sky Racing    455m    19:32
Race 6    Metro Roller Doors    455m    19:49
Race 7    Daish Irrigation And Fodder Stake    395m    20:07
Race 8    Murray Bridge Community Club Stake    395m    20:27
Race 9    Rural City Of Murray Bridge Open    395m    20:49
Race 10    Kurt Donsberg Photography Stake    395m    21:11
Race 11    Only At The Dogs Mixed Stake    455m    21:29
Race 12    Grsa.Com.Au N/p Stake    530m    21:55

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