Horse Racing
Thursday, 12 Sep 2019
Track: GOOD 3


Race 1    Pink Finss Charity Maiden Handicap    1300m    12:25
Race 2    Angels Florist & Jr Corporate    1100m    13:00
Race 3    Griffin Air Conditioning Maiden    1100m    13:35
Race 4    Ontrak Engineering Class 2    1000m    14:10
Race 5    The Bachmayer Orthodontic Clinic    1800m    14:45
Race 6    Richmond Club Bm 64 Handicap    2100m    15:20
Race 7    Bedrock Quarry Products Class 2    1600m    15:55
Race 8    Fowler Civil Contracting F&m Bm 64    1400m    16:35
Race 9    Redbank North Richmond Cg&e Bm 64    1400m    17:10

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