Horse Racing
Tuesday, 16 Apr 2019
Track: GOOD


Race 1    Top Cat Video    400m    18:48
Race 2    Wwr Sawdust    400m    19:07
Race 3    Australian Quality Pet Foods    400m    19:25
Race 4    Top Run Images    460m    19:45
Race 5    Morland's Meats    400m    20:05
Race 6    Spolly's Syndications    460m    20:25
Race 7    Parnassus Steakhouse    460m    20:45
Race 8    Luca Neveelk@stud    400m    21:01
Race 9    Warragul Toyota 1-4 Wins Ht1    400m    21:25
Race 10    East Ivanhoe Grocers 1-4 Wins Ht2    400m    21:43
Race 11    Blue Stream Pictures 1-4 Wins Ht3    400m    22:03
Race 12    Download The New Watchdog App    400m    22:29

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