Horse Racing
Tuesday, 16 Apr 2019
Track: GOOD


Race 1    The Beckley Centre Geelong    460m    15:09
Race 2    Download The New Watchdog App    400m    15:32
Race 3    Weddermoor Plumbing & Gas    400m    15:54
Race 4    Burns Archer Realty    400m    16:19
Race 5    Parker Pumps 1-2 Wins No.2    460m    16:39
Race 6    P & R Food Services No.1    400m    16:54
Race 7    Merv Jennings Signs No.2    400m    17:14
Race 8    Outline Print Design    460m    17:32
Race 9    Nardi Produce 1-2 Wins No.1    460m    17:57
Race 10    Viatek Technology No.3    400m    18:15
Race 11    Jims Mowing - Geelong No.4    400m    18:35
Race 12    Tts Electrics No.5    400m    18:54

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