Horse Racing
Tuesday, 12 Feb 2019
Track: GOOD


Race 1    Crymelon Kennels    410m    15:13
Race 2    The Weekly Advertiser Final    485m    15:37
Race 3    Download The New Watchdog App    410m    15:57
Race 4    Greyhound Adoption Program    410m    16:17
Race 5    3wm/mixx Fm 2-4 Wins    485m    16:37
Race 6    Wilkie Couriers Pty Ltd    485m    16:52
Race 7    Cardross Memorial Final    410m    17:14
Race 8    Wimmera Aquatrail    485m    17:32
Race 9    On-Site Engineering    410m    17:52
Race 10    Chs Group Veterans    410m    18:11
Race 11    Tab Multiplier    410m    18:29
Race 12    Cec Hopper & Sons    410m    18:51

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