Horse Racing
Saturday, 12 Jan 2019
Track: GOOD


Race 1    Kermonds Hamburgers    390m    18:22
Race 2    Wannon Function Centre    450m    18:42
Race 3    Grv Vic Bred Maiden Series Final    450m    19:02
Race 4    Edwards Electrical 1-4 Wins Final    390m    19:22
Race 5    Wannon Greyhounds On Instagram    450m    19:48
Race 6    Macey's Bistro    450m    20:04
Race 7    Warrnambool Fencing Final    390m    20:27
Race 8    Warrnambool Summer Sizzle Final    450m    20:51
Race 9    Capitol Cinema 250+ Rank    450m    21:09
Race 10    Lightning Frank @ Stud On Facebook    390m    21:33
Race 11    Norfolk Butchers 250+ Rank    450m    21:56
Race 12    Greyhound Adoption Program    390m    22:12

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