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Giving up smokes, annoying little dogs and whiskey, but not the chick!On second thoughts...maybe just the smokes and Tom Waterhouse

Did not need these gloves anyway.

Instead of buying my bus ticket I will walk to work this week and donate instead.

Reallocating my dart money

Lifes,luxuries too support the very much needed industry.

Much better spent on contributing to finding a cure for cystic fibrosis.

I was going to buy this driver but I can go without for a while longer. Nice work james

giving up a couple of weeks of partying

Have given up a significant amount of inapp purchases on Candy Crush Saga!

Giving up a lot.

Rather give to the cause than the cause of headaches x

I have decided to give up my afternnon snacks for a week...after I finish this lot!

Donating my life savings 😘

I have chosen to give up my monthly magazine addiction!

Will give the sweet treats a miss this week.

I gave up my weekly treat of a fresh bunch of flowers and rescued a weed flower from the lawnmower instead. It only lasted an hour in the vase, but the warm fuzzy feeling I got from donating is still with me .

I donated the money I would send on vino

This was $5 so I gave it a miss and donated instead.

I give up buying a new iPod Mini. It is great cause.

Skipping my monthly leg waxing to donate to this wonderful cause. Not sure the hubby is enjoying it though.

I love coffee and am prepared to give it up for a week to support this fabulous cause.

I gave up getting my nails done and did them myself.

I wanted this chocolate fish but I will go without for such a great cause.

I gave up take away and cooked a stir fry instead.

I will give up a new pair of sunnies and stick with the old ones!

I will forgo my weekly cocktail